Badd Kharma

Country: Greece
Genres: Melodic Hard Rock
Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records


Nikos Syrakos – Vocals
Gregory Giarelis – Guitar
Manolis Tsigkos – Guitar
Tasos Ioannides – Bass
George Papazoglou – Drums
Dimitris Marinis – Keyboards

BADD KHARMA is a melodic hard rock band from Athens, Greece, which was formed in 2013 by Nikos Syrakos (vocals, STEAMROLLER ASSAULT), Gregory Giarelis (guitar, solo artist) and George Papazoglou (drums, ex- KING DRAGON). The trio started working on its own songs and after a year of composing and rehearsing, Tasos Ioannides (bass, ex- PHASE REVERSE), Manolis Tsigkos (guitar, INNERWISH) and Dimitris Marinis (keyboards, AIRGED L’AMH) joined in and the lineup was finally completed. As a six piece, the band started working on new songs and rearranging the older ones. After two years of ups and downs, 13 songs were finally ready and in late 2016, BADD KHARMA entered Orfeas Music Studios and started recording their debut album. The mixing and mastering of BADD KHARMA’s first brainchild, was handled by Christian Schmid and R.D. Liapakis at the Prophecy Studios, (Kempten – Hegge, Germany). The cover artwork, layout design and the band’s logo were made by George Zacharoglou, who has worked in many of INNERWISH albums as well. The name of the band is not just two words that sound nice combined. It reflects their journey, from the day they decided to form the group, up to the day the recordings of “On Fire” came to an end. And BADD KHARMA has come hell or high water to deliver 13 groovy, melodic and full of catchy melodies songs and the lads are “on fire”. After all, 13 is the “lucky” number, isn’t it? Nothing in life comes by chance. What you give is what you take… And no matter where you go, Karma will find you!