Black & Damned

Country: Germany
Genres: Heavy/Power Metal
Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records


Roland “Bobbes” Seidel – Vocals & Growlings
Michael Vetter – Guitar
Aki Reissmann – Guitar
Ali Gözübüyük – Bass
Axel Winkler – Drums 

Guest Musicians:
Tommy Laasch – Backing Vocals (ex-Chinchilla)
Axel Mackenrott – Keys & Samples (Masterplan)

The year is 2020 and a virus paralyzes everything – everything stands still. But suddenly, out of nowhere, a new band makes its way into the limelight: BLACK & DAMNED! They came out of nowhere… damned out of the dark, and they came armed; armed with the gun of pure Heavy Metal. These two damned ones are Michael Vetter by the sixstring-ax (Ex-PUMP) and Roland “Bobbes” Seidel delivering his messages on the microphone. In damnation, two lost souls of the music industry have suddenly merged into a glowing unit. For their –yet to be announced- studio work, Axel Winkler (IHRESGLEICHEN) was hired for the drums and Axel Mackenrott (MASTERPLAN) handled the keys. Two more dark figures joined the army of darkness. Ali Gözübüyük (BIONIC ANGELS) fights on bass and Aki Reissmann (PUMP) holds the ax of the rhythm. Are you now prepared to enter the darkness with these damned ones?