Bloody Donation

Hometown: Thessaloniki, GR
Genres: Metal / Death Metal / Thrash
Label: Growl Records


Lampros Kokkinos – Guitar,
Ermolaos Antamis – Guitar,
Michalis Tzoumas – Bass,
Nikos Volikas – Drums

Bloody Donation were created in August 2008 in New Michaniona of Thessaloniki from: Lampros Kokkinos (Rhythm Guitar), Nikos Volikas (Drums).
The idea was simple! The band would play old school death/thrash metal. Later on Ermolaos Antamis (Lead Guitar) and Theodoris Tsiakiris (Bass) joined the band and the line-up was completed.
Some months later the band made many live appearances and recorded in December 2009 their first demo “Creator Of Hate”. Stelios “Stealth” Koslidis was in charge of the recording mixing and mastering.
After a year of the demo release, due to some personal reasons Theodoris had to leave the band, and Stratos Chatzilamprou joined the band. But again the band lost unfortunately his bass-player due to personal reasons. In the middle of July 2012 Bloody Donation stood in Livadia in order to record their debut album entitled “Vengeance Of The Enslaved” George Stournaras (Mass Infection) was in charge of the sound process. Unfortunately in March 2014, Stelios left the band. More updates about the new vocalist will be posted soon.

The album is OUT NOW through ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records.