Chris Boltendahl’s STEELHAMMER

Country: Germany
Genres: Heavy Metal
Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records


Chris Boltendahl – Vocals
Tobias Kersting – Guitars
Lars Schneider – Bass
Patrick Klose – Drums

After 42 years in the metal business, Grave Digger’s front icon Chris Boltendahl will release his first solo album. Under the banner of Chris Boltendahl’s STEELHAMMER, “Reborn in Flames” will see the light of day in 2023. Chris was able to win over an illustrious guild of first-class musicians for this work… none other than the ex-Orden Ogan guitar wizard Tobias Kersting can be found on the guitar. With him Chris wrote all 10  tracks on “Reborn in Flames”. The album is rounded off by the cover version of the classic “Beds are burning” by Midnight Oil. The line up is completed by Lars Schneider on bass (ex Orden Ogan) and Patrick Klose on drums (Iron Savior). Recorded in various studios and mixed and mastered in Chris’ in-house Graveyard Studio, where the last Grave Digger “Symbol of Eternity” (#7 in the German charts) was mixed and mastered, “Reborn in Flames” brims with classic power metal riffs… in Various interviews promised Chris a glowing mixture of “Grave Digger meets Metal Church”, which hits the nail on the head. From heavy metal steamers ala “Reborn in Flames, Fire Angel or Beyond the Black Soul” to the groove monsters “Gods of Steel, Out of the Ruins or The Hammer that kills” you can hear everything a banger’s heart desires on the album.
Tobias Kersting refines the album with filigree Power Metal riffing and worldclass solos, while Lars Schneider and Patrick Klose provide the duo Kersting / Boltendahl with the necessary basis. The unmistakable voice of the Grave Digger legend reigns supreme… “Reborn in Flames” is a firework of metal for every headbanger who loves classic metal… With “Reborn in Flames” the four musicians create an independent, fresh and high-class debut power metal album. As Ozzy says so beautifully: “let the madness begin” … !!!!