Course Of Fate

Country: Norway
Genres: Progressive Metal
Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records


Eivind Gunnesen – Vocals
Kenneth Henriksen – Guitar
Marcus Lorentzen – Guitar
Carl Marius Saugstad – Keyboard
Daniel Nygaard – Bass
Per-Morten Bergseth – Drums

The name Course of Fate has existed for what seems aeons of time, but the band we hear today was for all intents and purposes formed in 2015, when the last piece of the puzzle found its place and the line-up we see today came together. The line-up consists of six guys highly dedicated to their respective instruments and roles fueled with a burning urge to reach fresh ears with their unique brand of progressive metal, which utilizes the tricks of the old giants while still sounding not old school and neither modern, but eerily familiar like the stranger you’re sure you’ve met before. With exclusively good reviews and feedback from both spectators and arrangers on gigs, CoF is a band highly worth the bigger stages and a sound that does the intricate music justice. The first full length album is nearing completion, and the band has previously released three demo’s and an EP, inspired by such bands as Queensrÿche, Evergrey, Dream Theater and Rush to name a few. A few of the guys has also been recruited by bigger acts (Jorn, Holter, Eirikur Hauksson etc) on both studio and live gigs on several occasions.