Dan Baune’s Lost Sanctuary

Country: Germany
Genres: Heavy Metal
Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records


Dan Baune – Vocals/Guitars/Bass
Sebastian Weiss – Drums

Guest Vocalists:
Doogie White (Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Schenker)
Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Avantasia)
Rasmus Andersen (Diamond Head)
Matt Mitchell (Furyon)
Jennifer Diehl (Fire Red Empress)
Aliki Katriou (Eight Lives Down)

Guest Musicians:
Bob Katsionis (ex-Firewind, Outloud) – Keys
Chris Webb (Solsikk, Biomechanical) – Guitar

Lost Sanctuary is the long-awaited debut solo endeavour of Monument guitarist Dan Baune. Together with trusted friend and power-house drummer Sebastian Weiss, Dan greatly expands upon his NWoBHM roots and has written an album that is both extremely heavy and intensely melodic, showcasing his love for  Thrash, Speed and Power Metal alike. Dan covers guitar and bass duties on the entire album, as well as lead vocals on many songs. The concoction is completed by a number of acclaimed guest vocalists, such as Doogie White (Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Schenker), Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Avantasia), Rasmus Andersen (Diamond Head), Matt Mitchell (Furyon), Jennifer Diehl (Fire Red Empress) and Aliki Katriou (Eight Lives Down), as well as two guest soloists, Bob Katsionis (ex-Firewind, Outloud) on keys and Chris Webb (Solsikk, Biomechanical) on guitar.