Fallen Arise

Hometown: Athens, Greece
Genres: Symphonic Metal
Label: Rock Of Angels Records


Fiona Creaby – Vocals
Vlassis K. – Vocals
Gus – Keyboards
Paul ‘Kull’ Culley – Bass
MariosK – Drums

2009: Driving the formation of Fallen Arise, Gus (keyboards) began with the idea for a symphonic metal band as he started to write songs and search for fellow band-members to start jamming in the studio. Named ‘Fallen Arise’ in 2009 as the line-up was complete, this included Gus on keyboards as the continuing leading influence, along with: Evelyn (female vocals), Jon Soti (Male vocals), Frangiskos (guitats), Renos (drums) and Dimitris (session bass-player). Material took form as the band experimented with ideas with the song ‘My Fall’ emerging amongst within the creative process as a leading example of the musical style closer to what the newly formed band wished to follow. In December of 2009 Fallen Arise presented their first live performance in Athens.

2010: This year brought transitions within the line up as Renos (drums) left to pursue personal interests and Chris Stratigos (Sorrowful Angels – Secret Illusion) performed on drums for the two following shows in Corfu (6 March 2010) & Athens (7 March 2010) along with Nick (Wolfcry) as session bass- player. Both shows received great enthusiasm from the audience and the band were deeply encouraged. As the year progressed, in April 2010 two members joined to complete the family; Thanos (drum) and Maria (bass guitar). On 8th of May, Fallen Arise opened for XANDRIA, in Athens, presenting a passionate performance that generated great energy from the crowd. With the new line-up complete, Fallen Arise recorded their first EP ‘ETERNAL’ in the summer of 2010 at CFN Studios, produced by Dion Christodoulatos. This coincided with a further live performance in Kastoria (3rd GOLDEN APPLE FESTIVAL) on July 14th and the year concluded with a performance at the ‘Sin City superhero club’ on December 18th in Athens, with both shows again receiving great acclaim and support from fans.

2011: To release the EP ‘ETERNAL’, Fallen Arise presented a special launch party performance to a crowd of fans and friends at the RAINBOW ROCK BAR on the 4th of February. As an EP, ‘ETERNAL’ received great critical acclaim from Greek and other European webzines as well as from Greek METAL HAMMER (8/10) and a further live performance took place at the ‘10th ROCK n AID FESTIVAL’ with INNERWISH, SCAR OF THE SUN & KEADO MORES. With plans in place to enter the studio for the first full LP album during the summer of 2011, further transitions took place to the line-up as Evelyn (vocals) left the band to pursue her own philosophy and the search for a new female singer began. With vocal auditions underway, during which Fallen Arise were in discussion with Milagros Caceres for the role of singer, recording began for the first album. However, during this time, Milagros and Jon (male vocals) decided to pursue other interests and Fallen Arise continued searching for a new vocal dynamic.

2012: As the recording sessions for the first album were progressing, 2012 began with a great sense of optimism from the strength of the sessions as Fallen Arise proudly announced the collaboration with DEVASOUNDZ STUDIOS, as well as with Fotis Benardo and Christos Antoniou of SEPTIC FLESH and Thimios Krikos of INNERWISH. In completing the line-up of the band, the new female singer Spyla was announced, performing vocals for the new album. On September 29th, Fallen Arise presented an excellent show supporting Moonspell, performing live at Gagarin 205 (Athens) to almost 500 people. The show was a huge success, with great reception and support from the audience and further critical acclaim.

2013: With mixing and mastering of the new album in the final stages through the collaboration with Devasoundz Studios and Fotis Benardo (Septic Flesh), on March 9th, Fallen Arise performed as one of the main support acts for Leaves Eyes as they performed live in Athens, which was again a strong and wellreceived show. In May of 2013 excitement grew as the new album was ready for release and the search for a label to work with began. Further transitions took place to line-up when, in June of 2013, Fallen Arise welcomed two new members: Aggelos Mal (bass) taking Maria’s place and welcomed Christos Kontoulis as the new male vocalist of the band after Jon’s departure in 2012 and a period of working with session vocalists. As the search for a label continued, the band came to an agreement with Noisehead Records (AUS) in the summer of 2013 for the release of the first album, entitled ‘ETHEREAL’. On November 23rd, the debut album ‘Ethereal’ was released via Noisehead Records along with the publication of the first official video for the song ‘Eternity’ from the album.

2014: Fallen Arise’s debut album ‘ETHEREAL’ continued to receive great feedback from media and fans and the band presented very successful live performances all over Greece. The performances at Noisehead Festival Vol.1, which took place in Athens (Kyttaro Club) and UndeRock Festival at Tripolis were particularly important performances alongside appearing as opening act for OUTLOUD’S show at November 16th 2014.

2015: In the 2 years since the debut album ‘Ethereal’ was released, the time was right for Fallen Arise to move onto a sophomore full-length album; ‘ADELINE’. Recounting a story that takes listeners back in time to the Victorian era of the 19th century (1837-1901), ‘Adeline’ presents the decay of the human body and mind through fiction. Fully satisfied with the first collaboration with Devasoundz Studios for ‘Ethereal’, the decision was made to again team up with Fotis Benardo (SixforNine, ex-Septic Flesh, ex-Chaostar), Thimios Krikos (Innerwish) and Thanos Jan (Inactive Messiah) for this second studio album. A very special and important moment for Fallen Arise whilst creating the new material for the album was the collaboration with an ensemble of 40 renowned musicians from the National Opera, the Athens State Orchestra, the NERIT Orchestra and the Piraeus Concert Band. The orchestral recordings and mixing sessions took place at Zero Gravity Studios by Dimitris Dimitriadis. As the new album was finalised, the was accompanied by a new record contract with ‘’Rock Of Angels Records’’ (aka ROAR) and ‘ADELINE’ was released on 23rd of October 2015 (GR) and 30th of October 2015 (EU).

2016: As ‘ADELINE’ received strong reviews and interest, Fallen Arise began the ‘Adeline Over Europe Tour 2016’ performing several shows in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, including the ARTmania festival (RO), sharing the stage with some great bands and gaining the opportunity to meet many wonderful people. This year included line-up developments as drummer Marios K. joined Fallen Arise along with extreme vocalist Vlassis K. and melodic metal vocalist Fiona Creaby from the U.K. With Marios K. bringing an explosive power and energetic rhythm, combined with Vlassis and Fiona’s passionate and emotive performances and the creative musical direction of Gus, this established the foundation of a strong dynamic to lead the band forward into a new era of performance and song writing.

2017: This year began with an exciting and powerful start as Fallen Arise performed as opening act for ‘Fates Warning’ on their greatly acclaimed ‘Theories of flight’ European tour 2017, supporting alongside with Armored Dawn (BR). With the strong new line-up, including Amy Lewis on guitar and Lucas JB on bass, a very successful tour of Russia followed in May 2017, with Fallen Arise appearing as the special guest of Paradise Lost appearing to over 4,000 fans in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. This tour showcased the band to Russian fans across the country for the first time with all performances met with great enthusiasm. A great closing tour moment was the honour of Fiona being invited on-stage by Paradise Lost in Yekaterinburg to perform vocals alongside Nick Holmes on their popular song ‘Erased’ which was met with huge cheers and applause from the audience. Overall, the energy from the tour across Russia was truly outstanding reflecting the great impact the intense and powerful performances had on the very welcoming Russian audiences. As writing also progressed on a new album release planned for late-2018, Fallen Arise welcomed Italian guitarist Giacomo Paradiso in September 2017 bringing an interesting new dimension to the Fallen Arise sound through his exciting, expressive and charismatic tones. Touring for the year came to a conclusion with a very successful performance at Rock‘n’Iasi in Romania in October alongside the legendary German metal band ‘Destruction’, highlighting the growing fanbase in Romania.

2018: Despite the heavy focus on album production as 2018 opened, Fallen Arise had their UK debut in March 2018 performing at Hammerfest (Wales, UK) with a full show and an acoustic set, both of which were met with great enthusiasm and interest by audiences generating great media interest over the weekend. At Hammerfest, the band also welcomed UK-based guitarist/songwriter Paul ‘Kull’ Culley’ on bass to complete the line-up with his solid rhythmic flare. Already proving it was a busy year, the album was swiftly moving into the final stages of production, but at the same time the band performed in European festivals, most important of them was the performance in Bucharest supporting Nightwish and the co/headline show with Theatres Des Vampires at Voices Of The Succubi festival in Malta. By October, the band moved to Sweden filming a video and photoshooting for the upcoming album with Patric Ullaeus. Last announcement for 2018 was the participation in MetalDays festival in Slovenia for July of 2019.