Forbidden Seed

Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece
Genres: American Power Metal
Label: Rock Of Angels Records


Constantin Maris – Guitar / Vocals
Dimitris Goutziamanis – Guitar
Nik Danielos – Bass
Argyris Nanos – Drums

Forbidden Seed started in the mind of Constantin Maris (Incest in Heaven, Starve the Hydra, ex- Regent) a few years ago. With the catalytic help of the musician – producer Nik Rock, Constantin wrote the band’s first material.
Over the years of non-stopping work on the songs and the musical direction of the band enough material was written but due to several personal and band associated misfortunes, Forbidden Seed failed to release an album.

Soon after Nik Danielos and session musician Mike Verros joined the band the winter of2013 Forbidden Seed entered the studio for the recordings of their first album entitled “From Sand to Eternity”.  With the contribution of George Matikas (Shock Absorber) on the lead guitars in the album the band managed to create 11 powerful and melodic Power Metal songs.

From Sand to Eternity is a strong mix of ‘90s American Power Metal scene combined with today’s spirit and heaviness. Powerful guitars and drumming, together with melodic vocals and harmonies in a journey to Middle East’s tales and myths, and from there to inner questions and sad poems. Strong but soulful , melodic yet still aggressive. Forbidden Seed are paying tribute to their influences with “From Sand to Eternity” by taking their music a step forward.