Ganzi Gun

Hometown: Athens, GR
Genres: Hard Rock
Label: Rock Of Angels Records


Chris Fakiolas: Lead Vocals
Dionyssis Bourazanis: Guitars / Backing Vocals
Thanassis Dadakarides: Guitars
Manolis Mathioudakis: Bass
Giannis Psarakis: Drums

The name GANZI GUN comes from the Sumerian word GAN-ZI-GUN-NU which means medicine of the mind. Ganzi Gun is a five-member modern rock act from Athens, Greece. With a charismatic voice leading their sonic explosion, the combination of their distorted guitars, dense bass and emphatic drum-beats create a heavy but groovy cocktail, topped by strikes of melodic dynamites.

Live shows have always been of equally main concern for the band, as Ganzi Gun is successfully working their way up, engaging athenian crowds since 2011.

Ganzi Gun is endorsed by Bulk Strings and Pykmax High Performance Guitar Picks.

With a few line-up changes and one well-accepted demo, the band entered the studio in Spring 2014 for the recordings of debut album “Welcome to the Show”.

Enlisting collaborations with international virtuoso Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Outloud) and French producer David Prudent (Stonebringer, Astarte).

“Welcome To The Show” is out now through ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records.