Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Rock Of Angels Records


Patrick Cross – Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitars
Mark Hosri – Lead guitars / Backing Vocals
Jay – Bass / Backing Vocals
Mr – Drums Backing Vocals

HAVEN This Swedish melodic heavy rock band is one of those bands that have a unique sound and aura.
Their music has this strange vibration that attracts people and makes them happy without taking down the heavy rock feeling. Every song has been composed with the idea of givin’ something extra, a certain feeling, to the song.

HAVEN”s music is described as “the perfect mix of classic hard rock, melodic metal and rock’ n roll” and the band is compared not quite rarely acts as the Scorpions, Europe and Dream Evil. Their stage performances has had audiences cheering around Europe. We’re talking energy, melodies and influences from hard rock in the borderland between the 80s and the 90s comfortably positioned in the 2010s.

HAVEN released the album “asylum” in autumn 2012, which led to gigs at festivals and clubs throughout 2013. The song “Catch” from the album ASYLUM got lots of radio airplay worldwide.

In 2014 HAVEN chose to concentrate on recording the new album “Shut Up And Listen” that has worldwide release in 2015.

The album “Shut up and Listen” is produced by Phillip Crusner.
Alx Jonsson from White Trash Heroes (formerly Fatal Smile) and Days of Anger visiting HAVENS new album. The band is now signed to World Wide Music Management and to the record company Rock of Angels Records.