Country: Germany
Genres: Modern Metal
Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records


Samuel Scholz – Vocals
Maria Kimberly Huehn – Guitars
Tobias Künzl – Guitars
Dominik Stotzem – Bass
Marco Seelig – Drums

It’s like an invisible shell that wraps around our soul. We struggle every day, confronting challenges and hurdles. But while others tend to flee, we learn to rise up and defeat our fears. And now we face the need to break the silence: Depression can no longer be hidden in our society.
Let’s talk about it:
HUMAN|KIND was brought to life by Maria Kimberly Huehn in the darkest hours of the recent global crisis. In a time where many of us have lost hope and confidence, she processes her dark thoughts into her songs to encourage lost souls and show solidarity. The focus lies on values and the power of society, on how to deal with yourself and the world around you, self-judgement and justice as well as charity and forgiveness. In the habit of modern produced metalcore with many melodic influences and based on ingenious hooks that drill deep into one’s ears, the solid songs stand for contemporary song writing and promise to become long-lasting hits on the playlists of this universe.
HUMAN|KIND also means humanity, which should be understood as a unit and not as pressing other groups into pigeonholes or frames. With an understanding of imperfection, self-love as well as charity are in focus when it comes to the intention of the music. Maria found the perfect musicians to bring this project to life and with Christoph Wieczorek from Annisokay as a producer, the final result has both the aggression and the ease that are necessary to transport the message to the listener.