Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece
Genres: Alternative Metal / Heavy Rock / Grunge
Label: Rock Of Angels Records


Jim Killson – Vocals / Guitars
Mits Stefan – Bass
John Bidis – Drums
Bill Kap – Guitar

KILLSON is an alternative rock/metal band from Thessaloniki – Greece. A massive sounding quartet formed in 2011, which started as a trio and performed as such until 2015. Founding members were: Jim Killson (Dimitris Karagkiozopoulos), Mits Stefan(Dimitris Stefanidis) and Panos Margiolis as drummer. Now John Bidis (John Charalampidis) sits behind the drum set and Billy Kap (Vasilis Kapitanidis) is on the second guitar.

After a long and dark period of songwriting process that started early in 2006, songs started to come forth until the project was ready on 2011. The band is based on an idea of the songwriter, singer and guitarist of the band, Jim Killson. Mits Stefan with his massive bass guitar is a great contribution to the songwriting process as well.

Vigorous songwriting, rigorous minimalism, precision, grit and authority are whatKILLSON is all about. Their music is a mixture of modern rock and alternative metal with a lot of “generation X” feeling. They prefer letting people decide what KILLSON means, and KILLSON likes to play hard!

KILLSON’s sound is based on heavy guitar riffing and strong, gritty but always melodic vocals. Powerful groovy drumming, strong bass lines and heavy chording, along with lyrics drawn from real everyday life relationships and situations, makes the band live for the moment and continue giving their best on all levels.

KILLSON finished the production of their debut album named “IN LIMBO” which will be released under “ROAR – Rock of Angels Records” label on October 9th 2015 in Greece and on November 6th 2015 in Europe. The band feels strong support and enthusiasm from their new label partners. The album was recorded and Mastered byThanos Mylonas, a talented producer that the band felt really natural to work with. “IN LIMBO” was mixed by John Gamilis (Playground Circus) and KILLSON.

Do not miss this high-energy quartet’s pulsating wall-of-sound on a stage near you!