Country: Spain
Genres: Melodic Metal
Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records


John Portillo – Guitars
Miguel Laise – Guitars
Dani Ponce – Vocals
Javier Morillo – Drums
Didakio – Bass

Kilmara is a Spanish band based in Barcelona and with its own sound that identifies them; a powerful melodic metal and European prog power sung in English. Collect influences from classic groups such as Megadeth, Gamma Ray, Hellloween, Iron Maiden, Rage, Manowar, Dream Theater and other more current as Evergrey, Kamelot, Masterplan, Pagans Mind …
Kilmara although they are formed in 2003, after 2 demos they released their first album “Hunting Dreams” in 2007, self-produced by the band and mastered in Germany with the producer Rolf Munkes (RazorsBlade, Empyre) with good acceptance of the public and critics. This first release makes Kilmara nationally recognized and its name begins to sound also internationally thanks to the underground distributions in small labels like the French Brennus music or the Japanese Red Rivet Records.
In 2009, they flew to Slovakia for the recording of their second studio work entitled “Don’t fear the wolf” at Grapow Studios. The production was carried out by the great musician Roland Grapow, current guitarist of MASTERPLAN and ex – Helloween.
For “Don’t fear the wolf” Kilmara had some collaborations, among them the string orchestra of the Sant Boi of Llobregat Conservatory and Roland Grapow’s own with an incredible guitar solo in “show me the way” and choirs in several of the songs on the album.
In Spain, the album was released on May 31, 2010 through Maldito Records and Maldito Digital entering the number 20 on the top selling lists for several months. Today they are still among the best-selling products of El Tridente online store of Maldito Records.
In this period, Kilmara received the audience award being chosen the revelation band of Rockferendum 2011 made by Heavy Rock magazine. They were also chosen by critics as the best group / album of the year 2010 and won the 2010 prize list of the French website Metal Integral. Metal Hammer published a megaposter in October 2010 and the album was reissued worldwide on March 28, 2011 with Rising Records Uk, positioning them internationally, achieving more than 100 reviews with ratings between 7 and 10 in specialized media.
After touring the classic metal sounds with Don’t fear the wolf (2010), Kilmara evolved into a more melodic and avant-garde heavy in Love Songs and Other Nightmares, their third album, which awakens the interest of Mausoleum and Sony Music, being this last record company who is responsible for its edition under the license of Legacy recordings, this new work confirms them as a solid, energetic and current band, which strongly calls to the doors of the international metal market.
All the recording and production is again handled by Roland Grapow, whom the band considers as part of Kilmara and executes a meticulous work in Love Songs and Other Nightmares to develop this album into a more direct, melodic and fresh sound than it’s predecessors.
Love songs and other nightmares is released in May 2014 and gets the final international recognition by the press. Although Sony promised its international distribution, this was never carried out, which slowed the band’s plans to tour internationally, and it was the band itself that had to do a hard job of communicating with international media through Rockngrowl promo to put Kilmara in orbit and participate in some European festivals. It is during this period when there is a change in the bass, Raúl leaves the band for family reasons and in enters an energetic Didac Plà.
In 2016 the singer of Kilmara Wolfgang Kohl leaves for reasons of professional incompatibility, being quickly  replaced by the American singer resident in Barcelona Daniel Ponce. His more versatile and melodic voice opens new expectations for the band and after several shows presenting the new vocalist and his good reception, the last change of line-up happens with the entry of the new guitarist Miguel Laise who stands out for his good taste and virtuosity. Kilmara decides to focus in 2017 on composing their new masterpiece “across the realm of time” entering in November 2017 back at the Grapow Studios and working on the recordings until December 20th, 2017.
This new album is the most ambitious of the band and involves a new musical approach without giving up its past. You are about to make a musical journey that will surely surprise you, get ready to cross the realm of time! Holders of an energetic live show, which has led them to tour with big bands like Saratoga, Baron Rojo, Dare, Los Suaves, Tank, Enforcer, Vicious Rumors or Metallium, Kilmara participated in festivals such as Rock Knights (Fr), with great figures such as the ex-singers of Iron Maiden, Blaze Bayley and Paul Dianno and with Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions), More than Fest (Sk) with Cradle of Filth, Stratovarius, Dragonforce, Children of Bodom, Freedom Call … .Metal Masters (It ), Winds of Rock (Gr).
Kilmara has worked in these years with several professionals such as Alpha & Omega management, Redlionmusic Management, Zombiewar management, Rockngrowl promo, Ira & fire promo, Innercia promo.

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