Hometown: Patras, GR
Genres: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Label: Rock Of Angels Records


FædonDiamantopoulos : Lead Vocals
Chris Dempegiotis:Lead Guitars / Rhythm Guitars
Jim Kyritsis : Rhythm Guitars
Peter Roumanas: Bass
PeterHaritos : Drums

Hailing from everlasting Hellas, MYST combine mostly, but not exclusively, Heavy and Power Metal elements. Having undergone numerous member changes while maintaining a solid core, MYSTs’ various musical influences come together forming a result that will fulfill all metal fans! MYST walk the thin red line. Their lyrics raise questions while their music sets the standards.Whether you’re in for some groovy melodies or just plain-old headbanging, MYST are here to meet your needs. Whether you’re out to find philosophical and educational lyrics or some catchy and entertaining rhymes, they accept the challenge.

Mystagogia is the debut album of the band, which was released on January 30th 2015 through ‘ROAR! Rock of Angels Records’.