Country: France
Genres: Hard Rock / Rock’n’Roll
Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records


Adrien Desquirez – Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar
Anthony Clay – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Benjamin Ollivier – Bass, Backing Vocals
Florian Morgano – Drums, Backing Vocals

2015: A wall of decibels falls upon the Northern Lands. Four rockers arriving from nowhere decide to sack all the stages of the area. Exploding everything in their path with great blows from Marshall amps pushed to the limit, our four fellows very quickly decide to wreak havoc outside their native lands. They first conquered the rest of France, then launched various expeditions abroad. The OVERDRIVERS electric storm is now unleashed, nothing can stop it. No one can oppose the destructive fury of their almighty Rock’n’Roll ! Thanks to its two atomic bombs, Rockin ’Hell (2016) and She’s On Her Period (2018), the band continues to rally new followers and expand its army. According to reliable sources, having served rock’n roll for five years now, OVERDRIVERS are at this very moment and in the greatest secrecy, giving the final touch to a new weapon of mass destruction in collaboration with some of the greatest experts on the field and a brand new ally of choice, the label ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records.
So, a word of advice: get ready, OVERDRIVERS IS COMING! photo: ©Kalimba