Hometown: Thessaloniki, Greece
Genres: Rock ‘n’ Roll
Label: Rock Of Angels Records


Stefan Oz – Vocals / Guitars
Alex Vlash – guitars
Petros Christo – Bass
Nick Ditch – Drums

OVERPOWER is a ‘high energy rock’ n’ roll’ band, as the bands members define it. Formed in 2012, the band blends straightforward rock music, with surf style and beach vibes. Coming from Thessaloniki, Greece’s rock city, the bands members are Stefan Oz (vocals/guitar), Alex Vlash (guitar/vocals) Nick Ditch (drums), Petros Christo (bass) from the legendary band FIREWIND.
After several successful self-produced video clips such as ‘Frap’s time’ and ‘New day’, the band immediately caught the audience attention. Songs were played in pubs and bars, and the band did
a few interviews and live performances on Greek radio and TV.
It was a matter of time before their self-released debut album ‘It takes a little time’ was released in February 2013.
Some of the bands music influences are Airbourne, Hellacopters, RHCP, Neil Young, Eddie Vedder, Jack Johnson and Ben Harper. How do all of these blend together? Well the album ‘It takes a little time’ might show you how. The band is currently performing in Greece, working on new music projects.