Phase Reverse

Hometown: Athens, Greece
Genres: Southern European Pentatonic Heavy Metal
Label: Rock Of Angels Records


Alex Alexiou – Drums
Takis Mark – Vocals
Tas Ioannidis – Bass, Vocals
Kostas Kotsikas – Guitar
John Chief Stergiou – Guitar

Since the early stages of the band (Oct 2007) a common question was born in fan’s mind regarding their music style. Not quite Metal, not quite Rock, but the best of both worlds.

They call it Pentatonic Heavy Metal.

Jan 2010: “Phase Reverse” have been chosen among 1.500 indie artists from all genres globally to participate in “PLAYLIST 7” the new music campaign sponsored by Microsoft for Windows 7.

Jan 2011: “Phase Reverse” was picked among thousands of artists from the entire world, to participate to Aon Media’s ”Gods of Indie Guitar” Compilation CD featuring ”the best Independent or unsigned guitarists between Planet Earth & Alone on the Sun!” Their song ”Cross to bear” will be one of the 17 tracks of the CD and this is a great honor for Chief, Phase Reverse and for the whole Greek Independent Music Scene!

Jun 2011: “Phase Reverse” reached a deal with Brian Rickman (American Novelist). The track “Got Your Back” was the soundtrack of the novel ASCENSION

Since 2008: Numerous headline live shows, interviews & presentation from global Media. Successfully supported CORROSION OF COMFORMITY, RED FANG, ORANGE GOBLIN, performed more than 70-days tour in Europe in venues and festivals like Hamerfset, Siege of Limerick, Ardas Festival etc.

In fall of 2015, the band released its new effort through Rock Of Angels Records, the highly acclaimed album entitled “Phase III : Youniverse, both in Digipack CD and Limited Gatefold LP.

Fast forward to 2020: The band stood silent for almost 4 years but during these harsh times, they felt it was the time for them to stand up and declare their concerns. The band’s 4th full length album marks the return of Tas Ioannidis, the band’s first singer and bass player. It felt like the right time for him to return to the mothership and it was a great pleasure to welcome him back. With big enthusiasm and new roles, they have now grown in numbers (5 in total) with two guitar players as Kostas Kotsikas switched from his bass duties to becoming the second guitar player and Tas taking over the quakes and sing along with Takis wherever needed. All five members were set to deliver a new sound for the band and the outcome is revealed in their upcoming LP!