Country: Germany/Netherlands
Genres: Progressive Metal
Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records


Richard F. Hesselink – Vocals
Randy Meinhard – Guitars
Christian Göwert – Guitars
Kees Harrison – Bass
Jonas Schütz – Live Drums

Sacrosanct was established in 1988 by guitarist Randy Meinhard and drummer Marco Foddis, who had learned to know each either while joining Pestilence. In 1990 Sacrosanct released its debut album ‘Truth is – what is’. The album is characterized by technically sophisticated thrash metal. The dual guitars create a straight as well as spherical and melodious tapestry of sound, interrupted by the tight drumming and the moaning, but angry and rude voice. Creative band head Randy Meinhard considered guitar duos of bands like Queensrÿche, Exodus or Iron Maiden as a main influence, and Ace Frehley of Kiss as initial spark. In Rock Hard magazine the later Publisher Holger Stratmann claimed: “The record contains as many riffs as all Slayer-albums altogether.”

Sacrosanct created their second album ‘Recesses for the depraved’ in 1991 at Dust Music Studio in Hilchenbach. With a more edgy sound it was little melodious and spheric than the debut. For the album cover Sacrosanct even managed to deal with the rights for H. R. Giger’s picture Das Spiegelbild. When Giger died, 23 years later, the Rolling Stone magazine stated “the disturbing Giger cover art accurately conveyed the savage nature of the music”.

‘Tragic Intense’ got even more melodious and spherical than the debut. On the other hand staccato-parts are rarely on it. In an interview for the music mag Iron Pages Randy Meinhard stated in April of 1993 that the dark basic mood is what we intended to do. It just should sound sinister. In that issue Markus Wosgien described the album as a mixture of Thrash-, Doom- and Power-Metal, and classified it as a milestone in this genre. Frank Albrecht rated it with nine out of ten points. The opening song At least pain lasts – a sung suicide note should become predictive: A short while after Tragic Intense the band broke up.