Steel Engraved

Country: Germany
Genres: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records


Andy Straehler – Guitar
Max Lindner – Keyboards
Marco Schober – Vocals
Jaroslav Rod – Drums
Tomas Kuchta – Guitar
Katharina Praml – Bass

The Power Metal Band STEEL ENGRAVED was formed in 2006 by Andy Straehler, Marco Schober, Chris Wende, Thorsten Zirpner and Anton Weber and found from the beginning the right tone of melodic Power Metal made in Germany!

The first Demo CD was released in 2007 and is called FUEL FOR LIFE and gained many great reviews. The first longplayer “STATE OF SIEGE” came out in August 2010 at STONE STALLION RECORDS and was a pretty classical tribute to the Heavy Metal of the 80’s. It took a little time and some changes in the Line Up until the band had the right mix of energy and dynamics to find the way it went:

In December 2009 Daniel Kieslinger joined Steel Engraved and replaced Anton Weber on the drums, Thomas Lang replaced Thorsten Zirpner on bass at the end of 2011. 2013 Kathi Praml took the bass. The same year Max Lindner (keyboards) joined the band.

Since then the band´s sound developed continuously to modern Power Metal with some symphonic influences but never lost its classical roots.

2010 the band successfully joined CIRCLE II CIRCLE’s European tour, as well as the German Tour with WASP in 2011. Several single shows as well with well known bands (Accept, Edguy, Queensryche, and many more) made the fan community in Europe grow fast.

In 2012 Steel Engraved released their new Album called “ON HIGH WINGS WE FLY” by SAOL records (CMM) which is a straight piece of true German Power Metal. It was produced by VICIOUS RUMOR´s Mastermind GEOFF THORPE during January and February 2012. It got great references nearly worldwide (RockHard D, IT, F, Metal Hammer D, IT, UK, F, Rock It, Legacy, Powerplay UK, and many more). It was suggested by the official German Rock and Metal Charts.

The same year STEEL ENGRAVED hit the road again with the US Power Metal Flagship ICED EARTH throughout whole Europe! A few weeks later the band was guest at the 70k’s of Metal Cruise, later in 2013 STEEL ENGRAVED had its first Headline Tour in Germany.

2014 – 2018 the band was able to show their live qualities on several Festivals in the European area. A new album is recorded and will be released in early 2019.