Country: Germany
Genres: Hard Rock / Rock n’ Roll
Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records


Martin Schaffrath – Vocals
Matthew Sting – Guitars
Adrian Seidel – Guitars
Simon Simon – Bass
Sammy Sin – Drums

The award-winning band STINGER was founded in 2016. The head and rhythm guitarist of the band is Matthew Sting. The voice of the band belongs to Martin „Schaffi“ Schaffrath. The lead guitar is played by the  youngest member of the squad, Adrian Seidel. Sammy Sin rules the drums and Simon Simon not only masters his bass excellently, he also finds a solution for every technical challenge the band may face. But how did these five become a band in the first place? Matthew Sting, who was working as a drummer for another band at the time, got a call from a friend, also a musician, in 2016. He was asked to represent his friend on one of their shows on the bass guitar. It then became two shows, but at the first rehearsal for their first gig, Matthew met the young guitar player Adrian from Chemnitz. He was immediately impressed by what this young guy, in his early 20s could do with a guitar and thought that he would definitely have him, once he may start his own band. In mid-2016, Matthew and Adrian met to zap through Matthew‘s demo songs. It quickly  became apparent that the taste in music was almost identical to what Adrian was listening to. He liked it, and that was how the foundation for the success story of “STINGER” has been created.The all-rounder Simon already belonged to the original form of the band. The band‘s bass player was previously lead guitarist in another hard rock combo and not only plays guitar and bass, but also piano. Martin “Schaffi” Schaffrath has always been the preferred candidate for the vocals in Matthew‘s own band for a long time. Originally, the Stinger guitarist thought that they would produce a charity-CD and that‘s it. Schaffi was asked to sing in for it. Matthew and Schaffi knew each other from their previous musicianship together. But since Schaffi is a very well booked man, it hadn‘t occurred to Matthew to ask him about being a part in a new band. So the little cheerful guy from Fulda really only joined the band shortly before the vocal recordings for the album took place. Back then, with Teh Rencil on drums, everyone wanted to do something of their own and met in the rehearsal room. The non-binding session hit the five guys right in the heart – everything sounded good, everything seemed right. Plans were made straight away! Thank goodness – because that‘s how STINGER was born!

At the first German Pop & Rock Prize 2017 in Siegen, STINGER won the “Best Hard Rock Band in Germany” category for the first time and proved that the decision was the right one. Since 2021 the band has a new drummer – Sammy Sin. The youngster from Stuttgart just recently completed his first gig with them and was officially accepted into the STINGER-family with big applause from the fan base. Nowadays, honest feelings and passion are more in demand than ever. STINGER is a band that carries authenticity as a large banner. There are musicians at work, who write hand-made, honest songs. The result is thoroughly honest, raw hard rock, with a touch of blues that lays above all. Founded in 2016, they have already brought top-class reinforcements on board for the first EP “MOSQUITO” and the long player “DISADVANTAGED”. Three former AC/DC members and other musicians from ROSE TATTOO, as well as DORO and DIO, were chosen for the recordings. The proceeds of the silver disc, which was awarded the “HARDROCK ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2017” at the GERMAN ROCK & POP AWARD, were donated to a parents‘ initiative for children with cancer in Germany.

With the CD „COLOURBLIND“, the band again won the GERMAN ROCK & POP PRIZE, this time for the best „HARDROCK ALBUM 2019“. Furthermore, STINGER were awarded as „BEST GERMAN HARD ROCK BAND 2019“. And then they did it again. In 2021 they won the GERMAN ROCK & POP PRIZE right away with the single release „Chasing Utopia“ for the „BESTE HARD ROCK SINGLE 2021“, which had only been released a month earlier.

In front of 50,000 spectators, STINGER were part of the new edition of the legendary WERNER RACE and already got people‘s attention at the legendary German festivals „WACKEN“, „CLASSIC ROCK NIGHT PYRAS“, „BALTIC OPEN AIR“ and at the „BONFEST“ in Scotland.

Like a gunboat, STINGER fires from all cylinders and convince the crowd. The groove that the guys present goes straight into the ears and legs. STINGER do not attach great importance to frills. What counts is the attitude towards life called ROCK ‘N‘ ROLL.

Anyone looking for a band that inspires rock fans of all ages will make the best choice with STINGER. There are currently only a few bands that can impress the press and fans alike.