Wash Of Sounds

Country: Greece
Genres: Heavy Rock
Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records


Nairouz – Vocals
K.Mauros – Guitar
J. Soundias – Bass
F.Andriopoulos – Drums

In 2018, METAL HAMMER Greece in partnership with Remedy Live Club held a band contest with the prize being a record deal with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records! Wash of Sounds got the majority of votes both from the audience and the judges’ panel! Fast forward to 2019, the band has officially signed a record deal and the label couldn’t be happier with who the winner was! Wash Of Sounds is a female fronted band from Athens, Greece founded in 2015 by Kostas Mauros and Nairouz which took its final form with the additions of Giannis Soundias in bass and Foivos Andriopoulos in drums in 2017. The band’s musical orientation can be described as a blend of heavy rock combined with melodic and atmospheric vocals featuring middle-eastern music elements.