White Skull

Country: Italy
Genres: Power Metal
Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records


Federica “Sister” De – Boni Vocal
Tony “Mad” Fontò – Rhythm Guitar
Valentino Francavilla – Lead Guitar
Alexandros Muscio – Keyboards
Jo Raddi – Bass
Alex Mantiero – Drums

Sharp voice, screaming guitars, hammering rhythms, a stunning mixture of power and melody: the result is a high incendiary gradation sound, coming from the heart of five musicians! All this is White Skull!!!

In 1991, after the recording of their first demo-tape, the band was noticed by the audience and the specialized Italian metal press. In May 1994, the band released their second demo entitled “Save the Planet”, which received excellent reviews. White Skull also contributed to two Heavy Metal compilation: “Nightpieces 4” (January ’95) and “Area Sismica” (June ’95).

Finally, a few months later, the Italian indie Underground Symphony gave them the chance to record their debut cd entitled: “I Won’t Burn Alone”. The album received a lot of positive responses from the press and local audiences and White Skull started to play in pubs, local festivals and biker meetings.

The excellent results pushed the band to write down immediately new songs. Those caught again the interest of Underground Symphony which released in March 1997 the new album titled “Embittered”. The “Embittered Tour” started soon after the distribution of the album and kept the band busy until 1998. The guys played also with the likes of Overkill, at the Italian “Gods Of Metal” festival and in Berlin with UDO and DORO.

In the meantime, the band was writing new songs for the EP “Asgard” and the CD

“Tales from the North”, a concept album about the Northern myths and legends (Vikings and Nibelungs) with CHRIS BOLTENDAHL, singer of GRAVE DIGGER, as special guest. The album was released in 1999 by Nuclear Blast worldwide. White Skull then played in support of Grave Digger in the “Excalibur Millenium 2000 Tour” in Germany and Switzerland and in March 2000 in Italy.

The following album “Public Glory, Secret Agony” was released in August 2000 on Breaker Records (Udo Dirkschneider’s record company), with worldwide distribution by Nuclear Blast.

The first line up change happened in February 2001 when original singer Federica “Sister” De Boni left the band due to personal problems. She was replaced by Gustavo Gabarrò “Gus”, a metal singer from Argentina. Following, the band made it back to the studio (end of 2001) in order to record another concept album titled “The Dark Age” based on the Middle Age and on the crimes of the Inquisition. The album was released by Frontiers Records in August 2002. After the good critics and public acclaims who followed the release of “The Dark Age” the band played a lot of shows and festivals in Europe (Blind Guardian Open Air, Metal Dayz, Badia Rock Festival, Tradate Iron Festival, Valpolicella Metal Festival and so on…). Two line-up changes brought fresh new air in the Band, axeman Danilo Bar and bassist Steve Balocco joined White Skull in different times during 2003 and 2004. Notwithstanding the band line-up change, White Skull released in May 2004 the sixth full length titled “The XIII Skull” for Frontiers Records.

Unfortunately, soon after the album release, the band was forced to cancel several shows due to health problem of a band member. During this pause the band wrote new songs and went back to the studio (end of 2005) to record a concept album titled “The Ring of the Ancients” based on the Celtic’s stories. This CD catched the interest of Dragonheart Records which signed the band to a multi-album deal. In October 2006 Dragonheart published “The Ring of the Ancients”. After the album release, the singer Gus Gabarro left the band due to personal reasons. The Skulls decided to go back to their roots, looking for a new female singer. The new vocalist Elisa “Over” De Palma, a metal/trash singer, seemed to fit the band views and goals. The band started to play live shows to promote the new album. Later on two other new members were introduced: Alessio Lucatti (Keyboards) and Jo Raddi (Bass). During the tour, the group composed new songs for the album “Forever Fight”, a real comeback to the original sound of White Skull. Later on, while on tour in July 2010, Alessio Lucatti and Elisa De Palma left the band.

December 2010: Federica Sister De Boni re-joins the Skulls and starts right on to work on the new songs and shows. The new album titled Under This Flag is released in May 2012 and brings the music proposed by White Skull to the top, heavier than before it goes straight to the hearts and souls of Metal Bangers.

After several UTF shows in Italy, Europe and Russia the band starts writing the 10th album of their career.

While working on the new album the band is also engaged in performing the Best Of tour shows. For this project Alexandros Muscio (Highlord and Opera IX), pianist, composer and arranger, was added to the line up to run all orchestrations present in previous albums. Alex great live performances granted him a stable position as permanent member of the band and music composer of the next album Will Of The Strong.

Published on June 9th, 2017 it is later considered by critics in the field the best album in the career of the band thanks to its grandiose and epic sound. In the following period the band is engaged in several shows since June 2019 when Danilo Bar decides to quit the band. He is soon after replaced by the young and very talented Valentino Francavilla.

Now the band is ready to fight! Raise up your axes and shields….the House of Skull is back stronger than ever!

See ya’ on the road!