ROAR! Rock of Angels Records fuels your band´s success giving you professional label services and full support.


We offer a full range of label services for your releases, customized to your on the current band status

  • Premium deal: includes advance, pressing of CD/Vinyl, promo service with professional agency and magazine ads, Video clip and artwork support, International physical and digital distribution and promotion
  • Label deal: includes pressing of CD/Vinyl, promo service with professional agency and magazine ads, Video clip and artwork support, International physical and digital distribution and promotion
  • Newcomer deal: includes pressing of CD, promo service with professional agency, Video clip support, International physical and digital distribution and promotion
  • Licensing deal: you furnish us with your finished product, we promote and distribute your album


Our preparations for a release start at least three months prior to the release. We set-up for each release an individual Promo- and Marketing Plan, with budgets for

  • digital and classic promotional campaigns
  • professional promo agency
  • videoclips, magazine ads etc.
  • As a further promo tool for our upcoming releases we use Haulix to spread the news to 2000 relevant business addresses.


Physical distribution in stores and chain stores:

Through are international network we distribute our releases in Europe, the US and Japan to specialized music stores, chain stores, and retailers

Our distribution network:

Benelux Suburban
Canada Alliance/ Amped
Denmark Border
Finland Supersounds
France Season Of Mist
Hungary Hammer Music
Italy Audioglobe
Norway Border
Poland Mystic Production
Romania Niche
Portugal Compact
Spain Avispa Music S.L.
Australia Rocket
Sweden Sound Pollution
Switzerland MusikvertriebAG
UK Plastic Head
USA Alliance/ Amped
Slovenien/ Kroatien Belles Trade
Japan Avalon Marquee
Greece Infinity Entertain.

Physical distribution in Online stores:

Your album will be placed physically at the Online-shops of trade chains, download-portals and specialized providers like amazon, Mediamarkt, Saturn, Müller and many more, and last but not least … on our own online-stores and

Digital distribution:

We will place your album through the main digital retailers and sub platforms at hundreds of download stores like iTunes, Musicload, Amazon, Deezer, Napster, Spotify, Sevenload, Juno download, Simfy, djtunes, Google Play, Xbox music, 24/7 Entertainment, Vodafone, and many more.


“Classic” Promotion

ROAR! RECORS promotes your works by provision of CD-samples and digital downloads of your album to print, online and radio media all over Europe. Further attention will be raised through news feeds and mailing campaigns, and your special videoclips. We cooperate with well-known and effective promotion agencies.

Digital Promotion and Marketing

We are focused on digital Promotion through Google, social media and many other digital promo tools, which are an important part of our promotion strategy.


In cooperation with our partners we can produce your band merchandise like T-shirts, hoodies, Caps, Bags, Cups, Lanyards etc.


If you want to release your album with us you can send us your demo by physical submission, or send us a download link containing your music (wetransfer, dropbox etc.).
We publish your album fast and professional in best quality. We cooperate only with the best CD manufacturers in Europe.

Submit your stuff by mail to:

INFINITY ENTERTAINMENT IKE, P.O. Box 17, GR-57004 Nea Michaniona
Or per mail (Please use only this email address to submit you music):

Please attach the following:

  • * Demo (physical, soundcloud, wetransfer download, dropbox etc.)
  • * Links to video clips
  • * Contact person with address, phone and Email
  • * Full detailed biography of your band
  • * A quick overview of any import information about your album and your band
  • * Photos from your Line-up
  • * Band logos