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In 2014 HAVEN chose to concentrate on recording the new album “Shut Up And Listen” that has release in 2015. The album “Shut up and Listen” is produced and designed by Phillip Crusner. Alx Jonsson from White Trash Heroes (formerly Fatal Smile) and Days of Anger visiting HAVENS new album.
At the same time the band was signed to World wide music management and shortly thereafter the lead guitar player Thomas Ricketts decided to leave the band. This did not affect the band as the lead guitar player Mark Hosri jumped into the band.

Track List

Track List

    1. Criminal
    2. Land of Desolation
    3. Hysteria
    4. Catch
    5. Gone
    6. Balls
    7. Living Our Dream
    8. Shot from Behind
    9. Licking on the Wall
    10. Warlord Warrior


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