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Karma Violens returns with their 3rd album “Serpent God”. The album is an outcome of their new sound – an amalgam of extreme metal forms, with black metal influences prevailing. “Serpent God” is a conceptual album, mainly focusing on the transparency of today’s social standards and ideas. Freedom, or lack thereof today, is the main body of what the album conveys; man’s tendency to create social “musts” and “have-to’s” via religion, God and modern society. The Serpent God is the liberation from our modern way of life.

Official Release Date: 13.04.2018

Track List

1. Men Of Gibeah
2. Serpent God
3. Sons Of Destruction
4. A Letter To The Worthless Chamber
5. The Sun I Never Had
6. Dark Morel
7. The Constructors
8. Eternal Darkness
9. Radix Malorum
10. Blood Aurora


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