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If you believe in Karma then you have to believe that Violence is something innate in every human or inhuman being. Karma in the old and now Indian religions is the concept of “action” understood which creates the entire cycle of cause and effect. Violence from the other hand is inside in each one of us, some people can control and others cannot, but in every occasion it is a part of human nature. Living in the modern world, all of us can see violence in our eyes, in the streets and everywhere. The combination of Karma Violens describes the action of Violence, because every action in these brutal days creates a violent respond.

Track List

Track List

  1. Incuarius
  2. Bloodbath
  3. Soulless Child
  4. Floating In Sadness
  5. Le Temps Du Suicide
  6. Skin Of Existence
  7. Si Vis Vitam Para Mortem
  8. Incubation Day
  9. About My Creator
  10. Paralyzed
  11. Dead Man’s Story


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