Jewel case CD, Rock Of Angels Records 2015 re-issue version, originally released through MGR Music. With thunderous, melodic bass tones, dual guitar harmonies, rock-solid drum beats and signature falsetto wails, the band is determined to make a difference in today’s Metal scene and is celebrating a sound that is rooted in melody and good songwriting that will inspire a new generation of Metal fans.
True Metal is back in the Empire and MONUMENT will undoubtedly be the band at the forefront of this new wave.

*Guest solo by Richie Faulkner (Judas Priest)

**Keyboards by Dan Baune

Track List

Track List

    1. Renegades
    2. Fatal Attack
    3. Crusaders
    4. Runaway
    5. Midnight Queen
    6. Red Dragon
    7. Carry On
    8. Rock The Night*
    9. Save Me
    10. Omega**


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