Instructions To Dominate is the 2nd Official album by Null’o’zero, an album that was written in a very difficult period for the band. This is the reason why the album is so aggressive and driven by emotion – anger, grief, pain, frustration – but it also gives hope to take courage to stand with our heads held high. Its music is a natural evolution of the first LP, preserving the band’s unique character. Solid rhythm section, diverse riffs, outrageous solos and imposing vocals blend to an intriguing balance between melody and aggression. In order to succeed, the band worked with a very special team that was able to engrave all these feelings on this album. So, 2 years after ”The Enemy Within” album was released, Null’o’zero contacted Mr. Thimios Krikos (InnerWish, ex-Deviner) Lone Studios & Mr. Fotis Benardo (SixforNine, ex-Septic Flesh) Devasoundz Studios and the recordings of the brand new album were about to begin! After a period of hard work, excessive fine-tuning and great patience the album is about to be released.

Official Release Date: 13/07/2018

Track List

1. Instructions To Dominate
2. The Last One
3. My Last Disguise
4. Imprisoned In The Dark
5. Decline The Legacy
6. Face Down The World
7. Better Off Dead
8. Until The End Of Life
9. Trapped In A Maze
10. Hate


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